Our client wanted to launch a South African-themed restaurant in an area of the country popular with international tourists. As South Africa is saturated with ‘Proudly South African’ marketing messages, we needed to up the ante. With 11 national languages and multiple cultures, we wanted to create a fresh brand identity that would attract and delight international customers whilst remaining authentically true for South Africans.

The result is Bazala – translated affectionately as ‘cousin’ and featuring South Africa’s country code, ZA, at its heart. From its resident busker to its good-news themed newsprint wallpaper, mixed bread platters, talk-like-the-locals menus, upbeat homegrown playlists and indigenous eco selfie chair, Bazala is 100% Positively South African – an unmistakably upbeat celebration of our colourful ingenuity and hospitality.
My responsibilities
Identity design
Interior design
Wallpaper design
Signage design
Textile design
Stationery design
Menu design
Uniform design
Muse Gold (USA) 2020:
Corporate Identity
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